Projects, Presentation, Actions, Cooperation

/ (≈≈≈)

2009 / Art project in public space
We depart and raft down the River Innerste through Hildesheim on floating vehicles. Starting out at the Marienburg Manor, the exploration project encompasses performances, readings and mobile actions both by water and by land.


/ mufo

2009 / Art and research project: museum research
mufo stands for the German “Museumsforschung“ (museum research) and is looking for new ways of intermediation and encounter in museums. The team’s test set-up, intermediation concepts and special guided tours as well as tools and instructions for museums of contemporary art are presented in the form of a trade fair stand and explained by the friendly staff at the service counter.

/ re:do! – sculpture as (inter)action

2008 / Exhibition and publication
The forthcoming rebuilding of the University Manor is the occasion for re:do!. The project seizes the opportunity for creative re-organisation and invention, with assertions, advice and anticipation of demolition. We aim to realise an artistic „renewal“ before the concrete construction work begins.


/ Re:Place – a dialogue

2008 / Art and research project, exhibition
Two identical white cubes are placed at Marienburg Manor and on university campus, Hildesheim. They constitute an imaginary relation between the two playing fields of the project semester.


/ Sekundenplastik (Sculpture of Seconds)

2007-2008 / Art and research project
The course looks for and into sculptural phenomena, which – composed as processes – appear and disappear in only a fraction of time. In times of growing acceleration, the ‘Sculpture of Seconds’ interact with time as an artistic means and constitute a more or less absurd attempt to save something physical within a ‘Come and already gone’-framework.


/ Sound-Space-Movement

2008 / Interdisciplinary art and research project
This project combines theory and practice whilst addressing the issue of sound installations, which deal with the tension between sound, space and movement.


/ LandArbeit07

2006 – 2007 / Art and research project in public space
A village becomes capped. The community of Heinde in Lower Saxony provides the hub for the presentation and development of a wide range of art positions in public space which actively look into the social, scenic and cultural conditions on site. They act as catalysers for processes within a community that undergoes visible and invisible changes during the course of the year.


/ In the barracks

2006 / Art and research project and exhibition at Ledebur barracks, Hildesheim
We are on site. A short while ago, German Armed Forces were trained and an infantry battalion was based at the Ledebur barracks in Hildesheim. The students work with local conditions, the barracks’ history and architecture as well as information about norms, rules and rituals of this male comradeship.


/ Happy Together? The collective family

2006 / Art and research project and exhibition at Ledebur barracks, Hildesheim
Family is the ‘first collective’. The project highlights the ambivalent aspects of origin and family: blood and soil, protection and restriction, bond and surrender, identity and belief, role patterns and self-determination. The sculptural starting point is a table.


/ MusicBar

2006 / 2007 Art and research project and exhibition practice
Sound art, sound sculpture, sound installation and sound spaces – The follow-up to the event series ‘FilmBar’ (double sense ‘FilmAble’ and ‘FilmBar’ (translator’s note)) focuses on border crossers in Music and Fine Arts.


/ FilmBar I and II

2005 – 2006 / Presentations and discussions
Video artists and filmmakers are invited to present their work regarding a guiding theme. After the presentation, the audience are welcome to discuss and have a drink with the guest artists. Participants of the ‘Mahlzeit’ project provide for the setting and the culinary attendance of the evenings.


/ rearrange: MASH – CENTER

2005 / Art project in urban space
In collaboration with students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg, the participants develop temporary projects, interventions and actions in urban space. A shop in the inner-city of Hildesheim constitutes the starting point for deviations and artistic works.


/ ‚Mahlzeit’ (mealtime) I and II

2004 – 2005 / Art and research project
This course is centred around the composition of a situation within a deliberate space. This implies working on space, atmosphere and social sculpture involving different media whilst focussing on the way we handle food and ritualise meals.