Performance Lab

2005-2009 / Single or group performance, workshops, history and theory

The Performance Lab is a meeting point for interested students who want to  learn how to develop, read and discuss performances. It takes place within the framework of different courses every semester. The students visit performance festivals and present their own performances on different occasions. Within the Department Space the performances are analysed from a sculptural perspective based on an image concept. Guest lecturers widen the scope of artistic approaches in this form of art. Through visiting artists, the course and workshop participants get to know the international network and learn how to position their own contributions within the field of Performance Art.

In 2006, the International Performance Association Hildesheim (Ipah e.V.) was established on initiative of Jürgen Fritz. This non-profit organisation brings students of Hildesheim University and other colleges, alumni and interested individuals together in order to launch a platform for international exchange between Performance artists and students. Ipah is a close partner of our department.

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Organising Performance Art

Coordinator: Jürgen Fritz


/ PerformanceSAGA

Coordinator: Christine Biehler


/ Exploring Performance Art

Workshop 2008
Coordinator: Jürgen Fritz


Watch Performances – Talk about Performances

Coordinator: Christine Biehler


Study Trip to Glasgow: National Review of Live Art 2007 (NRLA) in Glasgow

Coordinator: Christine Biehler


/ Performance and Image: Black Market International

Workshop 2005/6
Coordinator: Jürgen Fritz


"Wir dich auch" – Intervention as artistic practice

Workshop 2005
Coordinator: Mileva Josipovic