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land schafft kunst

(‘country creates art’ constitutes a wordplay with the German ‘Landschaft’ which translates into countryside)

possibilities and limits of participatory art in public space

Heinde, Festscheune (‘Festival Barn’)
Setting: ‘LandArbeit07’ project

Expert Panel with

Professor Christine Biehler
(artist and head of Department Space, Hildesheim)
Matthias Böttger (architect and ‘Raumtaktiker’, Berlin)
M.A. Susanne Jakob (art ccientist, Stuttgart)
Private Lecturer Dr. Birgit Mandel (culture manager and mediator, Hildesheim)
Matthias Schamp (artist and author, Bochum)
Markus Müller (art historian and journalist, Berlin)


What are the differences between public space in the city and in the country?
What are the chances for artistic research and production in the periphery?
How does the participatory approach influence the artistic strategy?
What are the pre-conditions for a successful participation in an artistic project?
What can “Heimat” be in the 21st century? 


From left to right: Christine Biehler, Mathias Böttger, Susanne Jacob, Birgit Mandel, Matthias Schamp and chair Markus Müller