In House 48 you can find a large variety of rooms – e.g. a grotto shaped like half a barrel, galleries, tiled rooms, tower rooms – where you can set up workplaces and where our events take place.

Furthermore, there is a studio and a digital workstation in our media room which is primarily available to the department students.

The Department Space is seeking to upgrade its technical equipment and its contingent of tools steadily in order to broaden the possibilities of artistic practice.

Independent projects by students are always welcome and are supported by personal advice. Students have the chance to exchange ideas on projects in special forums such as the colloquium OP-open space.



The Department’s own small workshop in the basement of House 48 is equipped with basic and standard tools for processing wood and metal. Various regularly tested electronic devices (e.g. a cordless screwdriver, a drill, a circular saw and a welding machine) are available to students.

Moreover, there is also basic equipment for painting, exhibition architecture and plaster work. Within the framework of semester exhibitions consumable materials such as paint, brushes, fabric, fastening hardware and cable are provided for.

We strive to recycle material of past projects, so we carefully store remnant material. Of course, you are invited to resort to this fund.

Please note:

Such a moderate studio benefits to a great extend from the careful usage of the tools and devices. If users do not handle them with care, resources and options for artistic experiments will be very limited. Therefore, please consider the standard that you were able to use and restore it for other students after finishing your work. The more careful our equipment is used the more attractive the workplace remains.

In the past few years we have tried to enable this maintenance with the help of student assistants. The funds for student assistantships are to be enlarged. So if you are interested in such a position and if you have acquired a “Maschinenschein” or a technical apprenticeship, please get in touch with one of our full-time teaching staff.


Digital Workstation

The Department’s own computer workstation (Mac) provides the basic equipment for processing digital data (photography, video and audio). We are working with Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, DVD Studio Pro and other professional software.

Students have the chance to cut videos, design flyers and edit photos at this station. They can also collate sound and prepare material for documentation.

Basic equipment provides monitors, playback devices, loudspeakers, overhead and video projectors for the presentation of media-based installations.



Of course, our devices are stored in a secure place. If you need access to tools or electronic devices, please contact one of our full-time teaching staff by e-mail.