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FilmBar I

2005-06/ Colloquium
Coordination: Prof. C. Biehler, Prof. Jan Berg

Our guests:
Christoph Girardet
Hartmut Jahn
Michael Klier
Muda Mathis
Ursula Palla

FilmBar II

2005-06/ Colloquium
Coordination: Prof. C. Biehler, Prof. Jan Berg

Our guests:
Roz Mortimer
Eva Wolf
Ursula Biemann
Florian Wüst
Hedwig Wagner
Gerd Roscher

borderlines – film positions to borders and borderlines

The subject of FilmBar II is “borderlines“. In the 1990s the use of the prepositions „inter“- and „trans“- increased in an inflationary way in the discourse of art studies. „Cross-over“ became a buzzword.
Approaches with the focus of crossing over or dissolving borders came into fashion again. The FilmBar puts these including and excluding phenomena on the agenda. Artists were invited to present three thematic fields: the dual social construction of gender, the borders of states and countries and the separation of dream and reality.
It became apparent that there are no “natural“ borders, neither spatial, nor social, and those between national identities and others are constructed. A hundred years ago, Georg Simmel already stated in his “Sociology“  that a border is not a spatial fact with social effect, but a social phenomenon which takes spatial forms. However, it is important to admit that identity is formed by borders. Borders, spatial as well as social, always have a demarcating function, as a means of differentiation in the sense of pointing out differences. At the same time they have an effect of homogenising everything that is distinguished by them. The synopsis of space theories shows that space is – unlike the stable place – always in motion. Given that the borderline is the line of demarcation, it is also active. By enlarging it turns into space: the fixation of differences is opposite to the model of a border strip that is an interspace as well as a part of the adjacent space. An interspace evolves, a zone in which the laws of this side or the other are no longer effective. We remained faithful to the concept of the FilmBar to invite video and film makers in person. Thus, we have an opportunity to get to know the producers in person and to talk to them in a delightful atmosphere after the event. Following the screening you can enjoy the bar with a “thematic hotpot“, each is presented differently and imaginatively by the Hildesheim students of Cultural Sciences Barbara Schmidt and Nadia Heinsohn.

Details of the programme „Borderlines“ (German)
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Poster FilmBar I
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Poster FilmBar II
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