Out!  – Study trips

2005 – 2009

Study trips, participation in performance festivals, visits to studios and museums all over Germany widen the scope of learning and teaching situations.


Study trip to Mönchengladbach / Cologne / Düsseldorf.

January 2009. Coordination: Christine Biehler


Left: Before “End“ by Gregor Schneider, Museum Abteiberg Mönchengladbach
Right: In K 21 Düsseldorf

Study trip to Bern: PerformanceSaga – Festival Bone 11

December 2008. Coordination: Christine Biehler


Left: Bone 11 – Festival Bern: Annie Sprinkle and participants
Right: Textual work at Schlachthaustheaterkeller

Study trip to Bochum: Grau schweigt / Rolf Julius

2006. Coordination: An Seebach


Left: Students as recipients
Right: Guided tour through the museum with Maija Julius

Study trip to Glasgow: National Review of Live Art 2007 (NRLA)

February 2007. Coordination: Christine Biehler

Study trips to Basel/Bern: Black market international – Festival Bone 9

December 2005. Coordination: Biehler, Christine, Seebach, An




Top left: At the Tinguely Fountain, Basel
Top right: In an installation of Christoph Büchel, Basel’s Fine Arts Museum
Center: At the Paul Klee Museum in Bern
Bottom left: Bone 8 – Festival Bern: Performance of Black Market International
Bottom right: With Jacques van Poppel, BMI