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LandArbeit 07

2006 – 2007 / Art and research project in public space
Cooperation with Hildesheim District, the Netzwerk Heimat & Börde-Leinetal, the Protestant parish and community of Heinde, Lower Saxony/trans-institutional coordinating team of the University of Hildesheim

A whole village becomes an area of production for aesthetical practice focused on social, scenic and cultural conditions on site. The art project LandArbeit 07 aims at finding interdisciplinary and participatory positions within contemporary art in public space, in this case rural space.
How can the population participate without the artist giving up his/her expertise and without limiting the artistic quality of the project?
The village is the artistic space that ought to be shaped. Presentations of a wide range of art positions in public space act as catalysers for processes within the community.
The students move into an old barn and turn it into a project office, which then forms a central hub and a point of contact for villagers and participants of the project. The students’ roles encompass developing artistic work on site, looking after guest artists as well as guiding and mediating.

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