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In the barracks

2006 / Artistic research project and exhibition at Ledebur barracks, Hildesheim
Setting: Cultural Sciences project semester “kollektivkörper“(collectivebody), Coordination: Prof. C. Biehler, Vollrad Kutscher

We are on site. A short while ago, Federal Armed Forces were trained and an infantry battalion was based at the Ledebur barracks in Hildesheim. How is the area structured? What social practices coined this place? What kind of symbolic actions and scenic arrangements contributed to the collective identity? What does it mean to be in the army today? Does the institution “Bundeswehr“ face a crisis? We work with local conditions, the barracks’ history and architecture as well as encountered and researched material. Our examinations result in actions and training programmes, interviews and photo sequences, objects and installations. Thus, the former military compound transforms into an experimental ground and an initial point for an artistic reflection about values, rules, rituals and the specific form of body conditioning in this male comradeship.
Press release

17.06.06, Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung
Vor dem Können kommt das Wollen
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12.07.06, Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung
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