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Happy Together?
The collective family

2006 / Artistic research project and exhibition at Ledebur barracks, Hildesheim
Setting: Cultural Sciences project semester “kollektivkörper“(collectivebody), Coordination: Prof. C. Biehler / Guests: Thomas Sterna, Ruth Hutter, Ellen Markgraf, Sylka Scholz

Horde, patriarchal extended or nuclear family – family is a changing social category. In our society, it assumes very different forms that coexist side by side: atomised in the ‘single’-culture, newly structured in the patchwork family or the self-selected family. The latter does not evolve through birth and tradition but through a deliberate decision for a certain community of economic maintenance. The project highlights the ambivalent aspects of origin and family: blood and soil, protection and restriction, bond and surrender, identity and belief, role patterns and self-determination. A table serves as sculptural initiation of our PLAYING FIELD. The artistic practice with and at the table is realised by activating the capabilities of memory, common desires, identity-establishing acts and rules which connect family as “first collective”.