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rearrange: MASH – CENTER

2005 / Art project in urban space
Cooperation with the course ‘Art in Public Space’ of the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg / Instruction: Prof. C. Biehler, Prof. G. Winter. Assistance: A. Seebach

We leave the rooms at the institute, including a fully-equiped kitchen, to move into an abandoned shop in the pedestrian zone in Hildesheim. Within only a couple of days, the sign in the shop-window offering “city care and culture emission” as well as “sanctioning concepts, provisions and addresses” reflects the transformation into a ‘Mash-Center’. In this newly established communication and meeting centre, the participants develop temporary interferences in urban space in collaboration with art students from Nuremberg. Based on contemporary art in public space, they explicitly respond to the location and the respective situation whilst reflecting/mirroring society and public by different means. The temporary actions open various perspectives on the pre-Christmas city centre, thus merging local and foreign views. Sometimes the students work secretly – e.g. the so called ‘Betonung’ (this expression merges the two German words for ‘concrete’ and ‘emphasis’ (translator’s note)) subtly extends the city’s construction. On other occasions they use poster or new pedestrian lights to point out the security situation in the city. The student workshop culminates in an artistic intervention at a conference on art in public space, organised by the Kunstverein Hildesheim at the Roemer- und Pelizaeus-Museum. A presentation of the Mash-Center, a video clip and a performance lecture introducing the explorer Friedrich K. Hornemann complement the scientific sessions of the conference.

Projects can be found on the MASH-Center website (temporarily inactive)
Press release

29.11.05, Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung
Pelizaeusplatz zur EInweihung "ergrünt"
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30.11.05, Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung
Bügeln nur zum Schein
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