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Mahlzeit I (mealtime I)

2004 – 2005 / Artistic research project
Coordination: Prof. C. Biehler

This course is centred around the work on space and the social sculpture and the composition of a situation through deliberately set conditions. It approaches how food and meals are handled by means of various cross-media techniques. The evening meetings present an informal project space where one can experiment with relish and reboil what has fallen out of the daily curriculum pot. The final forms of the events – be it performance, projection, installation or talk round – are reflected at the dinner table. Art historical examples and culture historical and sociological questions accompany the dining and the conversations about art, sensual perception and the metabolism in a wider sense.

Mahlzeit II (mealtime II)

2005 / Artistic research project
Coordination: Prof. C. Biehler

In this semester, the sequel to ‚Mahlzeit I’ deals with the aesthetics of the meal, the dining and the dish in terms of ‘service’. The seminar group reflects the relation between art and service.
The work on social sculpture by means of serving, dishing-up and composing the “gift” is explored in performances, installations and objects which accompany the “FilmBar” project and set the conditions for film and video presentations and for the following get-together.