House 48 at Marienburg Manor

Marienburg Manor

Marienburg Manor is situated just outside of Hildesheim at the end of a green alley near the river Innerste. In the middle of the 14th century Bishop Henry III constructed it as a water castle which until nowadays has preserved the impressive donjon and the „House“. During the following centuries its changing owners reconstructed and enlarged it several times and in 1913 the Manor was finally leased to Carl Graf whose son installed an ice-cream factory there. In 1993 the Faculty of Cultural Sciencies of the University of Hildesheim moved into its rooms.

The stages of its history are apparent at Marienburg Manor even today: medieval walls meet barns and stables, half-timbered houses of the 16th century  come together with production and storage halls of the ice-cream factory. The ensemble of buildings is surrounded by meadows, pastures and a park which attracts visitors by its old trees and green spaces. In the yard there is a café called Hofcafé where students, teachers and guests meet for a cup of coffee, tea and homemade cakes.


House 48

The Department Space is located in House 48 of Marienburg Manor. The azure tiles and the vault of the basement of the three-storeyed half-timbered building are evidence of the production halls of the ice-cream factory. Three big seminar rooms offer sufficient space for discussion forums and practical work. In the media room accessible from a gallery there are PC work stations and the technical equipment of the Department. Tools and materials for the students are available in a workshop.

Especially during intensive project work a provisional kitchen enables the preparation of hot drinks and meals. Once per semester during the final exhibition „enter“ of the Department Space, House 48 - from the basement up to the airy roof – turns into an unusual exhibition place where art meets the turbulent past of Marienburg Manor.