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New publication: LandArbeit07 - Kunstprojekt für einen Ort/     art - communication - community

March 2010

After many months of work, the book LandArbeit07 came out a few weeks ago and can be purchased at booktrade for 29.90 euros.

At the book fair in Leipzig, in Heinde and in local bookstores in Hildesheim it will be presented during the coming weeks and also will be available soon in many art history libraries.

LandArbeit07 in Heinde near Hildesheim has started in 2007 and lasted nearly one and a half years. The aim of the special project was to make a little village a production space for art. The book gives a lot of impressions and is a catalyst for more participatory art projects in communities in the country. In the contributions of the authors the underlying concept of sculpture, participation, community art, art and province, and the issue of process documentation is reflected. The events were accompanied with a video camera; the film about the project and other videos are to be seen on the attached DVD.

Study trip to Barcelona: Walk in the city. Walking in urban space as an artistic format

February 2009

The seminar which had focused on walking in urban space as an artistic format is back from Barcelona. The students are planning an exhibition with photographs and videos about the walks and the actions.

For more information about this course see Current Courses

End of Prof. Biehler's work

November 14, 2009

The full-time employment of Prof. Biehler at the University of Hildesheim is ending. During the winter semester she is still in charge of a colloquium for graduands and the advanced seminar group Spacetrip: Walk in the City. Ms An Seebach has left the Department Space in September 2009.

Press release: 07.11.09, Hildesheimer Allgemeine Zeitung
"Keine dauerhafte Professur für die Praxis"
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Last days of exams with Prof. Biehler

February 3 and 4, 2009

(≈≈≈) online

July 2009

(≈≈≈)This summer semester project in public space goes online. For more information about the rafting trip and the exhibition on the move, the guided tour along the River Innerste and the project publication see Projects.