Karl Möllers


1816 / Th 2:15 p.m. 2h / Hs 48 / Seminar
1817 / Th 4:15 p.m. 2h / Hs 48 / Practical course

BA KuäP HF und BF, BA KSKJ, BA SK, BA PKM (Aufbaumodul Gegenwartskunst in Theorie und Praxis, TM 2), Diplomstudiengänge Kulturwissenschaften und ästhetische Praxis, Szenische Künste, Kreatives Schreiben uns Kulturjournalismus

It is a special experience to let a large quantity of colour affect you. The influences that colours have on our perception and sensation become particularly clear. This seminar deals with colour rooms, with the change of rooms by colour, with the different impact of each shade of colour, with the effects of colours on each other, the relation to the respective materiality, with statics and movement.

Practical course
The experiences that are acquired in the seminar will be put into practice in the interior and exterior spaces of the Marienburg Manor. We need to react on natural colours for example. Coloured counterpoints, fields, caves and so on can emerge. The sensation of space regarding size, temperature and time of day is changed by coloured interventions within the buildings.

Further reading
Eva Heller, Wie Farben wirken Reinbeck Verlag, 2004
Anish Kapoor/Eckhard Schneider, My Red Homeland, Verlag der Buchhandlung König, 2004