Christine Biehler

Spacetrip: Walk in the city. Walking in urban space as an artistic format

1826 / October 28, 2009, 2 p.m. / Hs 48 / Advanced seminar and workshop
1838 / February 5-12, 2010 / Study trip

BA KuäP/BA SK/BA KSKJ (Modul 2/3), BA PKM (2D/4), Diplom KuäP, Diplom KSKJ (Modul 9), Diplom SK (Modul 6), MA PKM

This advanced seminar analyses walking as an artistic practice in regard to its potentials to sharpen the perception of constructed as well as non-constructed environment and to act as a specific art and mediation form.
The walk as a format since the 1960s is presented in its various facets with examples from artists; the walking itself is reflected with literary and philosophical texts.
Our own action space is Barcelona. Thus, it includes using space qualities as material for performed interventions and sculptural drafts, inventing our own route systems, exploring without maps, getting lost intentionally and developing forms of graphical and auditory notation as a subjective exploration of the city landscape on site.
Strolling, walking and sauntering mean an enspacement of the space discourse, a concrete operation in cultural or artistic space. Basis for the space and route explorations is the thorough reading of a sample of relevant theories about space and city which can foster the recognition of the manifold interdependences and the overlapping of different space uses.

Further reading
Lucius Burckhardt: Warum ist Landschaft schön? Die Spaziergangswissenschaft, Schmitz: 2006
Seminar reader ‚Spacetrip: Walk in the city’

The seminar with practical course will mainly be held in Februray 2010 in Barcelona as an intensive workshop in the semester break.