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2009 / Art and research project: museum research
Coordination: Prof. Christine Biehler

The participants of the project group mufo present the results of their practical museum research in the form of a trade fair stand. They have studied the history and ideology of museums, architecture and space concepts of post-modern museum buildings. Moreover, the criticism of institutions, various intermediation approaches and artistic interventions were discussed within the framework of the seminar “Space concepts of museums of modern art/ In, about and all around art – The museum space as a location of action”. In the course of the seminar, problems museums are faced with nowadays as well as future potentials of a working intermediation practice were analysed and discussed.
The students experimented with conditions of present museum spaces and exhibitions in several museums (Sprengelmuseum in Hanover, Museum Ludwig in Cologne, K21 in Düsseldorf and Museum Abteiberg in Mönchengladbach). The documentation of these interventions, actions, experiments, guided tours and mediation concepts paved the way for mufo.

mufo are: Siri Bax, Sina Haberkorn, Katharina Hauswaldt, Laura Jacob, Svea Kellner, Annika Nebe, Lea Petermann, Maralena Schmidt, Varinka Schreurs, Jennifer Smailes, Katharina Stockmann, Tullia Tarsia in Curia

Mission statements:

mufo loves art

mufo places visitors in the role of participants

mufo believes that public institutions should not be (trans)formed in a privatistic manner, they should rather be revitalised by individual commitment

mufo is looking for research practices in future museums

mufo believes that art mediation needs to be inspired by art

mufo promotes verbal and non-verbal understanding

mufo acts between provocation and coexistence, between moment and educational process

mufo promotes the active examination of present conceptions of space and work

mufo identifies neuralgic points of the exhibition house

mufo takes space and develops small interventions in spatial systems

mufo shows architecture and works of exhibition houses in a different light

mufo believes that museums as cathedrals of the Modern Age need to change into marketplaces for young and old.

mufo helps profoundly changing the way in which exhibitions and museums are handled.

Artistic forms and media of art as well as the attitude of artists regarding the museum as a place and as an institution are subject to change.
helps institutions to take part in the changing process.

mufo connects to its products, art and architecture whilst forming a disparate unit in which all are entitled and all can join in a dialogue with the others.