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2006/ 2007 art research project and  event organization
Cooperation: Institute of Music and Musicology, City Theatre Hildesheim, City Church St. Jakobi Hildesheim
Instruction: An Seebach / Matthias Rebstock

In the succession of the run of projects such as "FilmBar" the MusicBar is concentrating on crossers between music and visual art. Sound art, sound sculpture, sound installation and sound space - the encounter of musicians and artists has a long tradition, with astonishing double talents. It continually leads to new mixtures of the two art forms.
Personalities from inside the country and from abroad are invited, to show examples of their art at Hildesheim, to picture their approach to work and talk about their artistic statement. The direct encounter and possibility to communicate with the guests in the relaxed atmosphere of a bar or a lounge during the evenings is the special attraction of this interdisciplinary event.
The field of work of the invited artist as well as the different context of the events (MusikBar at the university and the late night event at the city theatre of Hildesheim) continuously lead to new forms of mediation for the crossers of our choice.