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2007/08 Interdisciplinary art research in cooperation with the Institute of Music and Musicology
Instruction: An Seebach / Matthias Rebstock

The project combines theory and practice by examining installations of sound art in the field of tension between sound, space and movement (e.g. Tinguely, Kosugi, Repetto). Additionally, the students will create their own installation. In order to enable the students to programme interfaces and conduct simple compositions with the computer, they are familiarised with the freeware pure data. It can also be used for complex installations built from electronic scrap, manipulated musical instruments, mobile phones, typewriters, speakers et cetera.

The images show the sound installation soundsphere research 1 by Rebecca Czech, Christoph Grasse, Nadine Grobeis, Sina Habekorn, Florian Hohnhorst, Christiane Matthé, Matthias Meyer, Sebastian Meyerholz, Matthias Rebstock, Sebastian Schlemminger, Birk Schmitthüsen, Nicolas Schneider, An Seebach and Markus Thomas. Technician: Georg Werner