Research cooperation and interdisciplinary partnerships


Since 2006
Boston - School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Prof. Marylin Arsem (Performance): collaborative partnership, student exchange, joint projects

Since 2006
Glasgow – School of Fine Arts, Justin Carter (Sculpture and Environmental Art): collaborative partnership, Erasmus Student Exchange, joint projects

2006 and 2008
Bern – Zentrum für Kulturproduktion (centre for culture production): cooperation with PROGR

Since 2008
Bangkok – Concrete House: research cooperation on Performance Art in Asia



Kunstakademie Stuttgart (Stuttgart State Academy of Art and Design), Prof. Mike Hentz (Department Intermedia Design, Art Education), until 2007

HBK Braunschweig (Braunschweig University of Art), Prof. Dr. Hannes Böhringer, Anna Gollwitzer, Viola Vahrson

Kunstakademie Nürnberg (Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg), Saarbrücken, Prof. Georg Winter (Department Art in Public Space)

ASA – Art Service Association, Cologne: access to performance archives for educational and research purposes

Steff Adams / come home – a traveling exhibition, Cologne


Hildesheim and its region

Roemer- and Pelizaeus-Museum

Stadttheater Hildesheim, theatre now for Lower Saxony Hildesheim Hanover

HAWK Fachhochschule Hildesheim Holzminden Göttingen (University of Applied Sciences and Arts)

CityKirche St. Jakobi, Hildesheim (church in the heart of the city)

Kunstverein Hildesheim (local art club)

Löseke-Kulturfabrik, Hildesheim (venue for cultural events and exhibitions)

LyrikPark, Hildesheim (festival in a local park with stage performances as well as installations and exhibitions of lyrical works of art)

Kunstkommission der Stadt Hildesheim (Representing the University in the Art Commission of the city of Hildesheim)

Kulturbeirat des Landkreises (Representing the University in the Art Advisory Board of the district of Hildesheim)

Kulturbüro und Naturschutzbehörde des Landkreises (Culture Office and Environmental Protection Authorities of the district of Hildesheim)


University-wide Cooperation

Networks within the Faculty

ZIF – Centre for Interdisciplinary Women and Gender Studies