The Department Space was founded following Professor Christine Biehler's appointment in 2004. It became the third practice field at the Institute of Fine Arts and Art Sciences



Renovation and clearing out of House 48

Installation of a studio in House 48

House 48 and its heterogeneous ensemble of rooms offer a multifunctional working environment

Development of the final exhibition “enter“ as a continuous show at the Institute of Fine Arts and Art Sciences



Employment of a research assistant

Installation of a media workplace for image and video editing at the Department Space

Development of a curriculum

Integration of the Institute’s webpages into the University homepage

Vergabe von Lehraufträgen mit unterschiedlichen Schwerpunkten zur Ergänzung der Lehre im Fachgebiet

Appointment of part-time lecturers with different specialisations as means to complement the department’s teaching.


Since 2005

Establishment of Networks by the Department and by students, amongst others through teaching staff from all over Europe

Anchoring in Hildesheim ( NachtBar, Mash-Center, FilmBar, MusikBar, The Roemer- and Pelizaeus-Museum) and in its region (LandArbeit07) by projects running parallel to the courses

University-wide as well as national and international cooperation


Since 2006

Mrs. Biehler is a trust lecturer of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation at the University of Hildesheim



Creation of the Department’s webpage with student assistance