Three-dimensional phenomena in Fine Arts are of research interest at the Department Space. Headed by Prof. Biehler, the Department Space analyses artistic methods of spatial creation and transformation, specifically in contemporary Fine Arts. Moreover, it conducts research alongside its core themes Installation - Performance - Exhibition in three major fields: ‘knowledge fields’ in arts, art in public space and mediation/ art mediation/exhibition.

Prof. Biehler attends to the exchange of artistic and scientific practice from a theoretical, historical and practical perspective. The research work goes hand in hand with the definition of a research concept appropriate to the art discipline, which means that artistic research is understood as inherent to the artistic practice in all fields of study.

Research field: theory and practice of art in space

The main research interest of the Department Space lies with the contemporary discourse about spatial phenomena and the experimental analyses of spatial and situational questions.

Short outline of research topics:

The research on knowledge fields in art generates a specific, art inherent knowledge by contemporary artistic practices that serve as means of understanding.
Therefore, the focus is on the creation, the object of and the kind of artistic knowledge. The subjects of artistic-scientific research comprise on the one hand structural characteristics of space and visual illustrations as well as methods and techniques of artistic production, and on the other hand the artistic principles of coherence and legitimation. 

More specifically, the department encloses the field of sculpture by taking aspects of temporary motion into consideration: space, light, sound and video installations as well as interventions in public space, actions and performances.

Art in public space asks how public affairs of our society are genuinely developed and reflected in artistic contribution. This field operates on the basis of a contemporary art conception that encompasses art, science and social practices, and that connects to everyday culture and interdisciplinary collaboration.

Mediation – Art Mediation - Exhibition
Research interest is to find ways and formats to connect artistic and scientific teaching methods. During teaching projects didactic questions are reflected and tried out in situations of intermediation. The following model serves as an orientation and a guiding conception within the Department Space: art as a method of mediation, which explicitly includes open processes, presence and prospects of change in space and atmosphere.


Research concept: art as research

Art as research, the guiding principle at the Department Space, examines art as a technique of knowledge generation and organisation.