Department: Space

The department space headed by Prof. Biehler has been a field of study and research within the Institute of Fine Arts and Art Sciences at the University of Hildesheim since winter semester 2004/05.

From the perspective of cultural sciences research and teaching closely combine theory and practice to examine three-dimensional phenomena in Fine Arts.

The experimental and interdisciplinary analysis of spatial and situational questions aims at perceiving and exploring art as a form of expression and thought.
The department offers students of all semesters the opportunity to work in the artistic fields of sculpture, installation, performance and exhibition practices as well as to acquire technical skills, key and intermediation competences.

The range of courses comprises artistic strategies of constructing images and spaces by means of body, language, material, objects and architectonic or atmospheric interference. Moreover, it deepens the understanding of concepts of space and artistic work, as well as of process analysis, questions of documentation and presentation, mediation models, and enhances a differentiated use of language.

In thematic courses artistic practice is initiated and thoroughly supported to gradually enable independent learning. Students are familiarised with the history and theory of contemporary art and encouraged to embed their own artistic realisations in the ongoing discourse.

The results of scientific and artistic reflections lead to regular exhibitions, performances, festivals, art projects in public space or art editions. The cooperation opportunities with colleagues of the Music, Theatre and Media and Creative Writing Departments within the Faculty prove to be particularly fruitful.
Invitations of professionals in science, art and art mediation who offer workshops or present their work in their specific manner enrich the everyday campus life.

Interdisciplinarity and practice are substantial for the students future professional life in art, culture, science and education when aiming at an aesthetical approach that also coins their attitudes towards society.